Welcome to Mojo Ecosystem.

Mojo Token presents a compelling opportunity for investors and crypto enthusiasts to participate in a transformative ecosystem. With its unique strategy to incentivize user engagement and a dynamic roadmap, Mojo Token is well-positioned for success in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry. The flourishing community and strong partnerships further bolster the potential to revolutionize digital currency transactions. Additionally, Mojo Token provides reflections in Shiba Inu to all Mojo holders, enhancing the value proposition for investors. Embrace the Mojo revolution and be part of a groundbreaking movement that will reshape the world of decentralized finance.

Contract: 0xa79c1d3a0f0a21ec5b0ee2f96685aacfacc95dfb

Official Shibarium Bridge.

Shibarium is a simple and effective $SHIB burning mechanism. Moreover, Shibarium is designed to facilitate it and may also serve as a bridge between different ecosystems. BONE as the primary gas token for Shibarium continues to evolve the Shiba Inu Ecosystem!

How To Buy MojoToken In A Few Steps.


Download MetaMask

(Available on Chrome or Firefox or as an iPhone or Android app) and buy your Ethereum from a Centralized Exchange and transfer to your eth wallet.


Connect Wallet

Visit uniswap and go to the swap tab (you’ll find this on top). Click on Connect Wallet at the top right and connect to your MetaMask wallet.


Swap and get MojoToKeN

Enter the number of ETH you’d like to swap into the ‘Swap From’ field the MOJO contract address in the ‘Swap To’ currency field and Click ‘Swap’.


What is Mojo Ecosystem?

We are building an app that contains the Mojo Ecosystem, it wiil support the native Mojo token and will have a multi faceted user interface with access to contents, lots of varied new features are in development, for example, we are looking into adding a Mojo crypto gallery where aspiring artists can list their works of art for sale in our gallery, this will enable them to present their works to a huge audience and let artists become known. There will also be an artist of the week , a featured write up on the artist getting thier story and inspirations. This is just one of many branches that the Mojo Ecosystem will have, but we are going to grow into an app ecosystem that people will just have to have. All of the features within the app will promote the use of our native mojo token ensuring that the ecosystem and it’s value continue to grow in the future rewarding our holders for years to come.
We also want to give our loyal holders something back, so we decided to offer reflections in SHIBA INU
We are trying to make this project as successful as it should be and give it the longevity and the success it deserves. What do we need for it?
We need an active & hyped up community with real community engagement. So, what are you waiting for?



Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000

Sell Tax: 4%

Buy Tax: 2%

Mojo Art Gallery



Gain holders ⫷

Shiba Rewards ✔

Enable 2% Shib reward on buy and sell ✔

Build on Shiberium

Burn 1% of supply, When we reach 150K ✔

Deliver Telegram Ai bot ✔

Web MOJOART AI image generator page



200k MC - Burn 50b ✔

600k MC - 1% burn of supply


Deliver final version Telegram Ai bot





App Release






Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, lets change this. Let's become a real MOJO Chad.

First of all, join our official telegram : https://t.me/MojoPortal.
Second, stay active in chat and feel free to ask your questions. Use Rose Bot to get every info you want if no dev is available.

@FOMOTOSHI , @AbbBogdanoff, @UnityShib_Jeremy
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