We are Live on Both Eth and Shib.

Mojo is a friendly project that supports union in the Crypto space. We are built around the Shiba Inu ecosystem, providing AI solutions, such as a unique, powerful and user-friendly AI image generation system, free to use. Mojo tokens provides SHIB reflections on Ethereum chain, and BONE reflections on Shibarium, on each buy or sell. Join us on this journey, be part of the AI revolution with Mojo. With its unique strategy to incentivize user engagement and a dynamic roadmap

Contract: Ethereum 0xa79c1d3a0f0a21ec5b0ee2f96685aacfacc95dfb
Contract: Shibarium 0x5b16893c38b517d24b3ed2fa93313fa595867c95

Official Shibarium Bridge.

Shibarium is a simple and effective $SHIB burning mechanism. Moreover, Shibarium is designed to facilitate it and may also serve as a bridge between different ecosystems. BONE as the primary gas token for Shibarium continues to evolve the Shiba Inu Ecosystem!

How To Buy MojoToken In A Few Steps.


Download MetaMask

(Available on Chrome or Firefox or as an iPhone or Android app) and buy your Ethereum from a Centralized Exchange and transfer to your eth wallet.


Connect Wallet

Visit uniswap and go to the swap tab (you’ll find this on top). Click on Connect Wallet at the top right and connect to your MetaMask wallet.


Swap and get MojoToKeN

Enter the number of ETH you’d like to swap into the ‘Swap From’ field the MOJO contract address in the ‘Swap To’ currency field and Click ‘Swap’.

You can also buy from Our MojoSwap by simply click on *Buy MOJO* bottom right corner.


What is Mojo Ecosystem?

We truly appreciate our incredible Mojo community, and we want to express our gratitude by giving back to our loyal holders. As a way of saying thank you, we offer reflections in SHIBA INU and Bone ShibaSwap tokens. Our dedication lies in making this project a resounding success and ensuring its long-term sustainability. One of the most exciting features we're introducing is the Mojo crypto gallery. It's a marvelous platform where aspiring artists can showcase and sell their extraordinary works of art. This presents a fantastic opportunity for artists to reach a wide audience and gain recognition within the art community. Additionally, we will highlight an artist of the week, sharing their inspiring journey and creative inspirations. But wait, there's more! The Mojo Ecosystem is just getting started. We have ambitious plans to expand and create an ecosystem that will become indispensable for everyone. Our goal is to foster continuous growth and value for years to come, and as a token holder, you will be rewarded for your unwavering loyalty and support.
So, why wait any longer? We invite you to join our friendly and vibrant Mojo community and embark on this incredible journey with us. Together, we will create something truly extraordinary that will leave a lasting impact.


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000

Sell Tax: 4%

Buy Tax: 2%

TOKENOMICS MojoShibarium

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000

Sell Tax: 3%

Buy Tax: 3%

Mojo Art Gallery



Gain holders ⫷

Shiba Rewards ✔

Enable 2% Shib reward on buy and sell ✔

Launch on Shiberium ✔

Burn 1% of supply, When we reach 150K ✔

Deliver Telegram Ai bot ✔

Web MOJOART AI image generator page ✔



Gain holders ⫷

200k MC - Burn 50b ✔

600k MC - 1% burn of supply


Deliver final version Telegram Ai bot





App Release






Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, lets change this. Let's become a real MOJO Chad.

First of all, join our official telegram :
Second, stay active in chat and feel free to ask your questions. Use Rose Bot to get every info you want if no dev is available.

@FOMOTOSHI , @AbbBogdanoff, @UnityShib_Jeremy
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